Questa pasta è uno spettacolo! Pastificio Di Martino conferma la sinergia con Teatro San Carlo in qualità di Sponsor Ufficiale per il prossimo triennio.

This pasta is a spectacle! Pastificio Di Martino confirms the synergy with Teatro San Carlo as Official Sponsor for the next three years.

Pastificio Di Martino and Teatro San Carlo renew the three-year partnership that sees them united since 2020, side by side, to tell the story of the connection between opera and gastronomy, but above all to promote the many common values ​​through cultural initiatives aimed at an audience increasingly transversal and passionate about these two worlds.

« Supporting the oldest opera house in Europe in recent years has been a “coup de théâtre”. In the history of the Pastificio Di Martino and of my family, Teatro San Carlo has always had a special place in everyone's hearts, so much so that my grandfather named the largest drying cell in the factory, the one that looked towards Naples, "San Carlo” », commented Giuseppe Di Martino, CEO and AD of our historic Pasta factory.

Two traditions that have always been united, that of pasta and theatre, which, although with different expressions, have the common objective of being a nourishment for the soul even before the body. On the other hand, how can we not think of the continuous associations in the history of the theatre, and its countless artistic works, that have been made with food.

Gioachino Rossini himself, historical music director of the San Carlo Theater between 1815 and 1822, as well as a great passionate about cooking, stated that there is no better occupation than eating and that the stomach is the conductor of our passions .

In these years together, with the unique approach that has always distinguished us, among the many projects, two collector's boxes dedicated to the Theater have also been created: San Carlo Gold and San Carlo Reale. The two tin boxes, iconic symbols of our brand, offer a true multi-sensory experience, allowing those who purchase them to enjoy at the same time the goodness of the ancient Pasta di Gragnano PGI and that of three streaming shows of their choice from the vast artistic panorama of the Lyric Theatre. Each box set is then made unique by precious gadgets, symbols of the theatre: Opera binoculars and an original copy of the classic conductor's baton.

You can find them in the shop section dedicated to the boxes on this site.

« Now it is time to look to the future, continuing to seek excellence and beauty as always, implementing new projects that are able to communicate this immense Italian cultural heritage that both realities represent throughout the world. Our proposal of activities for the next few years is truly broad and aim to amplify our role from producers to exporters of culture. For us, pasta is an art and cooking is a theater in which new dishes are staged every day. From Naples to New York, thanks to the synergy with San Carlo, you will hear new music for your palate! », concludes Giuseppe Di Martino.

Together with the San Carlo Theatre, Pasta Di Martino truly becomes a spectacle.

Take a seat in the room and enjoy your meal! 

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