Tips on Pasta Shapes

Their name derives from the fact that when cooked in the sauce they make the sound of a slap, or "pacchero" in Italian. Thanks to their large size, they are perfect for stuffing, oven baking or served in various original salty and sweet recipes

Paccheri are a traditional Neapolitan format

It is an ideal format for a baked preparation, a tasty aperitif or in a sweet version served as a dessert, perhaps filled with mascarpone cream with a sprinkling of cocoa.

The delicious idea : drain our Paccheri 5 minutes before the cooking time suggested on the package, fill them with your favorite filling, bread them and fry them: here's a perfect finger food to amaze your friends at aperitif time!


How to cook Paccheri?

Cooking times

In 13 minutes al dente

Pair it with:

Fish, meat, vegetables, shellfish and cheeses

Cooking methods

Creamed, Baked and Stuffed and fried

Recipes with Paccheri

Paccheri financiera style, with lime potato cream and confit radicchio
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Paccheri flavored with Enna saffron, ricotta, purple artichoke and tomato with aromatic herbs